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Benefits of a Healthy Immune System

Shorter Disease Course

Losing a week to a cold is never ideal. Numerous studies have proven that  elderberry, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D all contribute to shorter bouts of illness. They also prevent future infections. Prevention is the key to staying healthy. 

Long Term Health

Supporting the immune system allows the whole body to build resilience against future infections and autoimmune diseases that are inflammatory in nature. Inflammation is the root of all disease and runs rampant without a balanced immunity.

Digestive Function

The gut contains more than 2/3's of the body's immune system as is the first point of contact for most microbes that attack the body. A healthy immune system, means a healthy gut that can digest and absorb nutrients to support the rest of the body. 

2/3's of The Immune System is Found in The Gut



The immune system protects living beings from infectious agents in the environment that are able to breach the physical barriers of the body such as the skin, the digestive tract, or the airways. It is composed mainly of white blood cells, the thymus, the spleen, the lymphatic system, and all the chemical messengers all working in cohesion to properly defend the body. The immune system is activated due to a multitude of inflammatory chemical messengers or signals that are released when foreign cells enter the body.

The immune system has two distinct systems, the innate and adaptive immune systems, respectively providing immediate responses to microbes and long term protection from infectious agents that the body has previously been exposed to (immunity). These two systems communicate and work in unison to continuously thwart the efforts of any microbes attacking the body.

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