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The Liquid Advantage

Why Liquid Based Vitamin Are Far Superior Than Their Typical Encapsulated Counterparts


A supplement by definition is something, such as a vitamin, that completes or enhances something else, such as the diet, when added to it.

In a perfect world, diets wouldn't need any supplementation, as the diet would provide an exact balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and several other micronutrients. Due to many factors including over farming of lands, genetically modified foods, pesticides, and limited or unhealthy diets most individuals are lacking essential nutrients from their everyday diet. In the long run, these deficiencies eventually lead to chronic health problems as the systems of the body do not receive the proper nutrition to continue functioning and an optimal level.

With this in mind, almost every individual in the modern world requires some form of dietary supplementation such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, or magnesium that would require a large increase in dietary intake of fish, dark leafy greens, and drastic changes in overall lifestyle and health practices. If healthy, organic, unprocessed food was cheaper and readily available to all, such as fast food is, then there may not be such a need for supplementation as everyone would be able to eat a healthier more balanced diet with ease.

Yet the dramatic rise in chronic disease over the past few decades has been strongly linked to nutritional and dietary deficiencies that could otherwise easily be eliminated with targeted and effective supplementation. This is why supplementing is so important, as it is one of the best ways to help mitigate the development of the chronic disease that currently plagues most of the world's population. 


What Makes Liquid Supplements Better?

At some point in life, almost everyone has taken a supplement or a pill that was either prescribed or recommended to them in some way, shape, or form. Capsules and pills are by far the most common products on the market as they use many fillers, binders, and preservatives to help increase shelf life. Unfortunately, these same “extra” ingredients can make it hard for the body to properly dissolve and break down the capsule before it even has a chance to absorb any of the nutrients that were in the pill. 

This results in about a 10-20% absorption rate of pill and capsule-based supplements. Meaning that if you take 300mg of Magnesium, your body will only end up absorbing around 30-60mg of actual magnesium, far below the recommended daily dietary intake. So if you have been relying on the capsule and pill-based supplements for most of your life and have never had a good experience or noticeable results it may be time to consider taking a liquid-based supplement.

Liquid supplement formulations are much more absorbable for the body, as the gut doesn’t have to spend a ton of its energy on breaking the capsule/pill down while dealing with all the binders and fillers that get in the way of the actual nutrients and natural digestive processes of the body. This also means that larger and more effective doses can be delivered to the body with ease.

Furthermore, liquid base supplements have an absorption rate between 50-80%, meaning that you get much more value for every dollar spent on the supplement. It even avoids the chance of pills breaking improperly and therefore not releasing the nutrients at the right time for the body to begin absorbing them. With liquid supplements, the body can begin processing and absorbing them the moment they make it into the mouth and travel down the esophagus to the stomach. 



Almost everyone can benefit from taking a liquid supplement as they provide a much superior nutrient delivery system compared to capsules or pills, yet there are a number of specific indications for using liquid supplements.

Age is one of the most common reasons to choose a liquid supplement, children under 12 years old and elderly individuals may not be able to properly swallow pills, especially larger ones, and can pose a serious choking hazard. Furthermore, tiny bodies or old bodies are not as effective at breaking down capsules and pills that are swallowed and therefore the absorption rate of nutrients drops drastically. 

Many individuals may have physical or disease limitations such as having gastric surgery or esophageal cancer that may require individuals to take a liquid supplement. Others may just have inadequate stomach acid to properly break down pills, which causes them to feel like they swallow a brick every time they take a supplement. This is why liquid supplements are readily used in clinical settings to deliver high concentrations of highly absorbable nutrients to depleted bodies. 

A third reason is that sometimes supplements such as iron or magnesium can cause gastric issues, such as diarrhea and constipation. This can often be avoided when using liquid supplements as the nutrient can be properly absorbed and the binders and fillers that would typically be left behind cannot agitate the digestive system. 

Finally, a great reason to consider liquid supplements is that they can be extremely cost-effective for larger families. For example, a mother who is shopping for supplements that she wants everyone in the family to take can simply buy a liquid formula and adjust the dose as needed based on serving size. This would be near impossible with capsule and pill-based formulas as every member of the family would need a different product to deliver the correct dosage of nutrients for their body.



A lack of proper dietary balance and a staggering increase of chronic disease in the modern world has made supplementation an essential aspect of anyone's health and health care experience. Most of the time individuals will reach for the typical capsule or pill formulas found at the local supermarket to begin supplementing. Unfortunately, many individuals do not realize that liquid supplements are superior in terms of cost and effectiveness.

That's where Life Solutions Natural Products comes in. We have a large selection of formulas and supplements to meet anyone's supplementary needs. Formulated by doctors and pharmacists, and made available to the general public, Life Solutions provides highly effective and enjoyable formulas that are sure to deliver a much more effective dose of nutrients than a typical pill or capsule can.



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