Contract Manufacturing



Life Solutions is a full service contract manufacturer specializing in all types of liquid supplements. We are able to adapt to big and small jobs with fill lines and auxiliary fillers for short runs and custom products.Our fill lines can accommodate bottle sizes from 1 oz to 32 oz, with additional sizes available in gallon size as well as bulk drums. Life Solutions specializes in liquid production using filling equipment that can accommodate a variety of bottle sizes and closures with tamper evident plastic sleeves and induction seal caps. We will take care of your project from concept, formulating, samples, lab testing, and final approval.


jax.jpgComplying with GMP standards, our products are manufactured with strict quality standards, ensuring consistency and superior quality from batch to batch. Our customers are thrilled with our professionalism, manufacturing integrity and the fact that their projects come in on time and on target. We even go the extra mile by being available to help you improve any of your components, flavorings or ingredients. Contact us and find out what private vitamin Labels can do for your projects!


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