Contract Formulation

Life Solution specializes in bringing your unique liquid nutrition ideas tobeakers.jpg life. Take a look around at your local health food stores, grocery stores and the top MLM companies; it’s easy to see that liquid nutrition is a rapidly growing category. Customers often come to us with a basic framework of the nutrients they would like to have in their product. Our creative team will develop this into a viable formula with special attention given to quality, taste, texture and marketability. Michael Lenzner, R.Ph. has mastered the art of flavoring with natural fruit juice concentrates and natural flavorings. In the formulation process, each ingredient is analyzed for taste, solubility and color, determining the impact on the final product. The goal is to give you a product that is highly effective, tastes and looks amazing while staying within your cost target.


beakers-2.jpg‚ÄčOur custom products are created with all natural preservatives and are tested to have a two (2) year shelf life. In addition to serving your needs for a marketable, unique liquid supplement, we will exceed your expectations with exemplary customer service, project management and a personal touch you won’t find elsewhere.



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