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Life Solutions Natural Products


Our Mission

To manufacture and distribute effective natural products with the highest quality for improving the well-being of consumers with complete satisfaction.


Life Solutions was created by Michael Lenzner R.Ph. who has more than 40 years of experience as a registered compounding pharmacist and entrepreneur. He has unique expertise in compounding natural products for the individual needs of his   1917669-1068712408088-7410369-n.jpgclients. Lenzner has been the CEO of several multi-million dollar  corporations and is the driving force behind Life Solutions Inc.  management. Mr. Lenzner is the owner and founder of Life  Solutions Inc., formed in 2004, designed to fill a void in the  healthcare industry. The vision of Mr. Lenzner has resulted in a  nutritional supplement company that provides professional  supplements that are of pharmaceutical-grade quality but made  available to consumers. Additionally, he provides hormone and  vitamin - micro nutrient testing. Michael has affiliation with the   American Pharmaceutical Association, the Professional  compounding centers of America, International Academy of compounding Pharmacists, California Pharmacist Association, and San Diego County Pharmacy Association. He is a graduate of Wayne University in Detroit, Michigan, with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. Mr. Lenzner has been a leading expert in several types of formulating and product development. 


 The Liquid Advantage


three-image-ls.pngThe very best vitamins and minerals can be hard to digest for some individuals in a solid pill form. Liquid vitamin supplements are already in a form that the body can assimilate quickly and very effectively with their small particle size and pure liquid medium.


Liquid vitamin supplements are already dissolved. They do not require stomach acid to break down the layers of protective coatings and hard-compressed compounds, as with most pills and tablets. The vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients are immediately available for the body to absorb and utilize more effectively.


Accelerated Absorption
It has been well known for many years that liquid vitamin supplements are easier for the body to absorb and are generally milder to the stomach than pills or tablets. Because liquids are well absorbed, you enjoy the greatest possible nutritional benefits.


Powerful Results


Maximum potency with the greatest nutritional benefits.


Life Solutions is the leader in Liquid MultiVitamins and Liquid Vitamin Supplements


Life Solutions specializes in making a full line of Natural Liquid Vitamins and Supplements that are superior to other brands in the marketplace. Liquid vitamins have been the fastest growing segment of supplements in the health food industry for several years running and for good reason. The Founder of the company, being a Pharmacist chose to formulate nutritional liquid vitamins over traditional tablets and capsules because of the advantages of the liquid dosage form. This combined with the knowledge of Therapeutic Dosing and formulating skills has made Life Solutions the Best Liquid Vitamins anywhere. Starting with our industry leading Liquid Multivitamin and expanding to include a full line of Liquid Supplements, Life Solutions has changed the nutritional supplements industry. We believe the health food consumer should have access to professional grade vitamin products. On every label of our products it says "Formulated for Professionals, Available to Consumers".